What Is The P-SPOT and Prostate Stimulation

Prostatic orgasm, P-spot, Prostate massage… Have you already heard about them? More and more men are talking about extreme and longer orgasms without the need to stimulate the penis. These non-ejaculatory orgasms are achieved by stimulating the male prostate gland, a pleasure that is not very well known, but is gradually gaining popularity.

Among the culprits, the trendy sex toy: the prostate stimulator. In this post we explain what the P-spot is, where to find it, how to stimulate it and the ways to do it thanks to prostate massage and toys made for that purpose.

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Do you know the equivalent of the female G-spot in men? For some time now, the expression P-spot has been popularized to refer to the male G-spot.

And no, the P-spot is not found in the penis, but in the prostate, a gland whose main function is the production of part of the seminal fluid, the liquid that contains the sperm.


Prostate orgasms can be achieved exclusively by prostate stimulation or accompanied by penile stimulation as well. It should be noted that this type of pleasure is not felt in the same way as the penis stimulation that leads to ejaculation. Men who experiment with their P-spot describe the orgasms as bigger and more intense, but don’t take their word for it as there is nothing like trying it on yourself or with a partner to find out!

The key is to be aware that orgasm does not have to be linked to ejaculation.

It is time to discard the belief that ejaculation and orgasm are something that always happen at the same time. They are two independent processes that can be separated, although it requires self-knowledge and some training. Of course, some men prefer prostate massage combined with penile stimulation. Others prefer only prostate stimulation. There is not a single way to do it and it depends on the preferences of each men.

One of the advantages of prostate stimulation is that after achieving an orgasm you can continue to enjoy it intensely, because the refractory period (time between ejaculation and subsequent arousal) does not exist as in the ejaculatory orgasm, so it is possible to continue stimulating your prostate.


Reaching the man’s P-spot is something that can be complicated at first, but it becomes simple with a little practice. We try to explain where the P-spot or male prostate is located:

This point is located in the rectum, about 4-5 centimeters deep starting from the anus. It can be stimulated by touching the anterior wall of the rectum, that is, the part that faces the bladder.


Prostate massage can be performed by inserting a finger inside the male rectum a few centimeters, until you find a bulging part, in the area that overlooks the bladder. This one centimeter thick bulge is the prostate.

Thus, prostate massage can be complicated, especially for beginners and for men who want to experience this pleasure alone. For this reason, there is a wide variety of prostate stimulators. They are ideal for solo or couple play and are very easy to use, since they have the right length to reach the prostate and the perfect ergonomics for stimulation. 

The prostate stimulator not only offer pleasure and intense prostate orgasm but there are many cases of men who have improved their prostate problems thanks to the prostate massage .  And it is because sex and health often go hand in hand!

Lately , the Aneros prostate massagers is getting more and more popular among both gay and straight men. This anal sex toy has a curved front to press on the perineum, which is the area from behind the scrotum to the anus, and is comfortable to use in almost any position except sitting.

It is clear that this life is to be enjoyed and our body offers us a thousand different ways to feel pleasure and pleasant sensations… We encourage you to discover and enjoy them all ! 

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