Lelo Loki Indepth Review

Lelo Loki is different from other prostate vibrators, because he is something very special! Noble and unique, it presents itself like no other and convinces with its perfectly shaped design alone, which is characterized by …

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prostate milking

How To Milk My Prostate Gland

Did you ever wondered “How would it feel to milk my prostate?”. Many man discover another way to reach orgasm through the anus, which is to massage the prostate also known as “prostate milking”. The …

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How To Get A Prostate Orgasm

You’ve read about it and talked to other guys who say the prostate orgasm is the most mind-blowing experience they’ve ever had. You want one, and no doubt, you have a lot of questions about …

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What Is Prostate Massage

When we talk about male orgasm , it seems that everything is reduced to jack, horse and king, but is it possible to have an orgasm by stimulating another area beyond the penis? The answer …

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