What Is Prostate Massage

When we talk about male orgasm , it seems that everything is reduced to jack, horse and king, but is it possible to have an orgasm by stimulating another area beyond the penis? The answer is Yes, another orgasm is possible! How? Through prostate massage.

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Another type of orgasm can be reached through prostate massage

What if we also tell you that the orgasm achieved by prostate stimulation can be much more intense and powerful? Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the P-spot (prostate) and how to stimulate it, either for yourself or your partner.

What is the prostate and why should you stimulate it?

The prostate is a gland found in the anatomy of people with a penis and is of vital importance for reproduction. It is attached to the urethra and bladder and is responsible for generating seminal fluid to facilitate the mobility of spermatozoids and their life during and after ejaculation.

Prostate stimulation has nothing to do with your sexual orientation.

The prostate is shaped like a chestnut and is located next to the rectum, just 5-7 centimeters from its entrance. That is why the best way to reach the P-spot and stimulate it is through the anus. Its stimulation has nothing to do with sexual orientation, it is one of the most common practices and you can combine it with other practices such as masturbation, oral sex…

Stimulating the prostate with the hands or with toys causes different sensations than those achieved while stimulating the penis, something like an electric shock.

It is purely a matter of anatomy. Compared to the G-spot in women, the so-called P-spot (with P for prostate) is full of nerve endings that, once stimulated, cause immediate pleasure and arousal. But, in addition, stimulating this area you will be training the muscles that contract when having an orgasm, improving your sexual performance.

Benefits of prostate massage

Prostate stimulation has nothing to do with your sexual orientation, remember that sexual practices have no orientation. Regardless of your sexual orientation you can enjoy the same as you do with other practices and other types of stimulation.

Prostate stimulation can bring you numerous benefits beyond pleasure. If you have not yet decided to try prostate stimulation, we tell you the benefits:

  • Helps soothe pain: Urinary tract infections are very painful. Prostate massage is indicated to reduce such inflammation and help with pain.
  • It helps in the prevention of disorders as the massage helps to drain fluids properly.
  • Its stimulation is linked to a lower likelihood of prostate cancer.
  • Stimulation of the prostate can make you ejaculate and climax.
  • You will discover new sensations, a new form of pleasure. Many people believe that the male anatomy is simple and has nothing to envy to the female, but you have to explore it.
  • Stimulating this area of your body as a couple will make you innovate and improve your experience. Its stimulation can help delay ejaculation and maintain an erection.
  • It is very beneficial for your sexual health. It helps soothe pain, prevents prostate cancer and the onset of disorders by helping to drain fluids properly.

As you can see, there are many advantages, so leave all prejudices behind! It’s time to enjoy your body without fear of pleasure or to bring your partner to maximum climax.

How to find the prostate

You can find the prostate by inserting your fingers through the anus, or if you are with a partner, your partner can do it too. This is like dancing to a slow song: you can dance alone, but it sure is more exciting to do it with someone else. Remember to use lubricant to make the experience go smoothly.

Once your fingers are inserted through the rectum, about two to three inches in, curve your fingers toward the navel. You’ll find a little ball, as if you’ve reached a slightly hard nut. Mystery solved! Congratulations, you’ve just found your prostate. Obviously it will be easier to find if you are very excited because it will have swollen, so you can leave the exploration for the moments of maximum pleasure.

If you find it difficult to find your prostate yourself or to find it in your partner, or you simply want to reach it more easily, you can also help yourself with toys and prostate stimulators specially designed for this purpose.

How to prepare yourself to enjoy a prostate massage

  • Evacuate the bowel: the rectum is the part of the bowel that evacuates the stool. If you want to avoid accidental evacuation while enjoying prostate stimulation, be sure to go to the bathroom before you start.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene: Hygiene is essential. It is very important to have a good specific hygiene of the area. The anal area contains its own bacteria: although everything may appear to be clean, it is not a completely aseptic environment. If you are worried about unexpected leakage you can help yourself with an enema, although it is not recommended to do it more than 3 times a week, as it can generate dependence for the natural processes of defecation.
  • Extra lubrication: the anus is an area that does not have natural lubrication. That is why it is recommended that when you start experimenting you help yourself with a relaxing anal lubricant, so that everything goes smoothly.
  • Communication as a couple: It is essential to feel the desire both to perform it and to receive it. If you are going to do it as a couple, consult beforehand. Both parties must be in agreement without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Relax: whether you are going to receive the massage, give it or enjoy it on yourself, relaxation is very important. Take a deep breath and get ready to enjoy the experience you are about to live.
  • Pay attention to your hands: it is possible that long or chipped nails can hurt you or cause unwanted injuries when the stimulation goes too far. Cut and file your nails or those of the person performing the massage to avoid any roughness.
  • Find the right position: whether you are going to explore on your own or with a partner, it is important that you find a position where you have easy access to the area to be stimulated. You can help yourself with a chair, or lie down on a flat surface such as a sofa or the edge of the bed. If you bring your knees towards your chest, the anal area will be more exposed, thus facilitating the massage.

Types of prostate massage

There is no single prostate massage, but if there is one thing these massages have in common, it is to stimulate the P-spot correctly. The prostate gland can be easily felt with a finger inside the rectum. If you do your homework right, you will soon begin to enjoy stimulation that is completely new to you. P-spot stimulation will make you feel things that are totally new to you.

Indirect massage

It is not advisable to directly attempt penetration at the beginning of the game, so start any kind of prostate massage from the outside, in the perineum area (between the testicles and the anus). The anus can be gently massaged with one of the fingers or with the tongue, to adapt to the sensation.

Direct massage

It is practiced directly through the anus. If you insert a well-lubricated finger through the anus and bend it slightly towards the abdominal wall as if you were calling someone… Voila, prostate localized. Always start stimulating little by little with a gentle massage, making small touches from less to more pressure to get used to the new sensations.

Double stimulation

Can you feel even more pleasure? Yes, it is possible. If you combine any of these massages with penile stimulation through masturbation, oral sex, or while enjoying penetration. The result can be even more exciting.

Stimulation with toys

There are TOYS specially designed to help make anal sex more pleasurable. Finger sheaths, prostate stimulators, specific dildos for the P-spot and the whole range of anal lubricants that help dilate the anus gradually before stimulation. And if you want to delve further into anal sex, we recommend you take a look at our guide to discover anal stimulation.

You can also use other non-specific toys such as vibrators, dildos, etc … as long as you use them to stimulate that point. You can even use toys designed to stimulate the G-spot, because they also have that curved shape at the tip that will help you stimulate the prostate.

Break with taboos and start enjoying sexuality as you want.

We want prostate stimulation to stop being a taboo subject, because it is an area that deserves to be discovered. More and more people enjoy P-spot stimulation, either alone or with their partners. Investigate other erogenous zones, play, get out of your comfort zone… the doors to self-knowledge and pleasure are always open, the limits are set by you.

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