How To Milk My Prostate Gland

Did you ever wondered “How would it feel to milk my prostate?”. Many man discover another way to reach orgasm through the anus, which is to massage the prostate also known as “prostate milking”. The stimulation of the prostate, considered the man’s G-spot, will not only end in ejaculation, but also reduces prostate pain, inflammation and improves the health of the prostate gland (an “all in 1” that you better know in depth). Therefore, in this guide we explain everything you need to know about prostate milking.

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Doctors have used prostate milking for years to relieve the symptoms of prostatitis. Also, some men use prostate massage as a sexual technique to achieve prolonged and very intense orgasms. The problem is the taboos that have been created around this type of sexual massage. The simple fact of visualizing that the prostate is located at the root of the penis, in front of the rectum just below the bladder, translates, in most male minds, into “I am going to get a finger in my ass, and I don’t want to”. Some men feel vulnerable and sexually “used”, even though, most of the time, they do it to themselves. Some straight man associate prostate gland massage with anal sex and think it is a gay only practice.

Many sexology experts insist that prostate milking, for its simplicity and effectiveness, should be one of the sex games of choice. Therefore, we want to shed some light on this subject, explain what this type of prostate massage really is, how a prostate is milked and what accessories can help you achieve unforgettable prostate orgasms.

prostate milking

Knowing the male “G” spot or “P” spot

The subject of prostate milking it is a subject with many taboos, besides being something that is not usually talked about among men. There are many myths about male pleasure, about the way in which we reach orgasm and the intensity of them. One of the most frequently discussed is the so-called male G-spot, or as others know it in reality, “P-spot”. According to a study published in the journal Cortex, the body of a man and a woman has a great resemblance in their erogenous zones. As far as this point is concerned, it actually refers to the prostate. Hence the so-called “P-spot”, from prostate.

There is a large number of nerve endings that make the prostate area absolutely sensitive and very pleasurable. Its stimulation is not an exclusive homosexual practice and can be combined with other practices such as oral sex, intercourse or massage of erogenous zones. Our recommendation is that it is performed as a couple, since the feeling of (mutual) enjoyment will be much greater, since the one who gives pleasure and the one who receives it enjoys it.

What is the prostate, where is it located and what is it used for?

The prostate is a gland of man that is attached to the neck of the urinary bladder and the urethra and secretes a whitish, viscous fluid whose function is to stimulate the movement of sperm. It is an organ linked to the moment of ejaculation, since part of the semen is composed of the liquid it secretes.

The prostate is also responsible for producing the first fluid that appears during erection. Its mission is to eliminate any remaining urine that could contaminate the semen and to block the passage of urine from the bladder at the time of intercourse. The prostate is shaped like a chestnut and is located next to the rectum.

What is prostate milking, how does it work and what is it for?

The stimulation of the prostate by itself can produce an orgasm and ejaculation, that is why it is a method that can be used in hospitals to obtain a quick semen sample without the need of masturbation.

This is a different way to reach orgasm because it is a very erogenous zone that many men and women are unaware of. In fact, we dare to affirm that, if you ask a woman how she can make her partner have an orgasm without touching his penis, she will surely have a lot of problems to give an accurate answer. Anyway, the goal is not “not to touch anything”, but to have an alternative in case you both feel like trying it.

Prostate milking benefits

No! You won’t live longer by performing this type of stimulation on your private parts, but you can reap numerous health benefits from milking your prostate. If you think about it, like any other action that ends in ejaculation, it’s a perfect way to spend a few minutes. Anyway, let’s try to explore the advantages of this type of massage.

Improves the health of the prostate glands

There are many men who suffer from prostatitis. This can cause swelling or inflammation of the prostate gland, which is often accompanied by pain. There are not many medications that help in the reduction of pain produced by prostate problems, so prostate milking can be effective in reducing prostate pain, inflammation and improving the health of the prostate gland.

Prevents prostate disorders

The prostate gland in men can suffer from many disorders such as BPH and prostate cancer. All disorders have many symptoms with very strong pains (such as that affecting urination). A prostate gland massage helps in proper drainage of prostate fluids, thus preventing various prostate disorders that directly affect men.

Prevents prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a very serious disease as it can even spread to other parts of the body such as the lungs, bones, etc. and become lethal . Prostate stimulation keeps the prostate gland healthy and reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

It increases the duration and intensity of orgasms

Apart from the numerous health benefits of milking the prostate, this type of massage gives a lot of pleasure to the man, as the duration and intensity of orgasms can be up to 33% more intense. Many men prefer to massage the prostate simply for pleasure.

Improves sex life

Apart from the pleasure of doing it to yourself, if you involve your partner, you also improve the sex life you share because the other partner will feel that you enjoy sexual activity much more and will feel more connected to you.

Orgasms are longer and more intense

We do not have a medical study to support this, what we do have in our personal experience and, therefore, we assure you that prostate stimulation rewards you with very intense orgasms that will make you scream with pleasure.

Prostate milking techniques

There are several techniques for performing prostate milking, including internal massage, external massage, and assisted massage (with a device or attachment). No matter what type of method you use, the important thing is to perform the massage correctly to avoid injury or damage to the prostate (yes, you can get injured). So, before we explain how to do it right, we want to give you some details about each type of prostate massage.

Internal massage

This is to stimulate the prostate from the inside. To do this, you must access through the anus, so it is advisable to use gloves, petroleum jelly or sexual lubricant and wash your hands thoroughly. The best way to perform this massage is to lie down in a position that is comfortable for you and allows easy access to the prostate. Some men prefer to lie on their stomach with their knees bent and others lie on their side or on their knees. Choose your position and find the prostate by bending your fingers toward the front wall of the abdomen. The prostate should feel like a ball the size of a walnut. The center of the prostate is very sensitive, so massage only the sides of the organ. Sometimes during the massage you experience an erection which may end in ejaculation.

External massage

Many men are uncomfortable with the idea of sticking their fingers up their ass and prefer the external method. As with the internal method, wash your hands and access the prostate through the perineum (the line of skin between the scrotum and anus). The prostate and perineum are very sensitive, so press gently and use your fingertips. There is a small “seam” running across the perineum. Use this line as a guide and move your fingers back and forth over the “seam”. If you feel pain or discomfort, decrease the pressure. Again, during the massage sometimes you may experience an erection which may end in ejaculation.

Assisted massage

A wide variety of sexual devices or accessories are available to assist prostate gland massage. The nice thing about these devices is that many are hands-free, a great benefit for those who have trouble reaching their anus or perineum. Some men who are not willing to invest in this type of sex toys use pencils or sticks with rounded tips, however, these items are not designed to be inserted into the human body and may cause injuries.

How to correctly milk the prostate

Once you know all the things you can do with your prostate, it’s time for us to explain how to milk your prostate. The idea of this list is that you focus on what is important and what affects you, because, although we are going to generalize, we are going to focus on the massage that we recommend: the internal massage. These are the steps you need to take when it comes to prostate milking, either for prostate problems or to get some pleasure time.

Empty your bladder and bowels.

Do not do try to milk your prostate when you have the urge to go to the bathroom. The bladder and rectum must be completely empty if you want to perform the prostate milking correctly. We believe that there is no need to give details, because we are sure you have already imagined them. Therefore, anticipate and stay comfortable for a few hours beforehand.

Trim your fingernails

Large fingernails can injure your genitals. When trimming your nails, make sure they are the same length. Of course, avoid sharp edges when cutting them.

Prepare latex gloves and lubricant.

It is convenient to use latex gloves to milk the prostate to avoid staining in the process and the bad smell of the hand. You will need to apply lubricant to the anus area to insert your fingers so that “everything goes smoothly”. Always try to use water-based lubricants. Be careful with homemade lubricants, because you can end up irritating the rectum and that will not end well.

Take a hot shower or bath

Taking a hot shower or bath relaxes the muscles of the pelvic region and cleanses the area to be massaged.

Lie down in a position that is comfortable for you

Since the goal is to be comfortable, take off your clothes and place a towel on the area where you want to perform the massage. Next, lie on your stomach with your knees bent or on your side or on your knees, depending on how it works best for you.

Massage the anus

Before starting the prostate milking massage, it is important to “loosen” the muscles of the lower body which tend to be stiff. First of all, it is necessary to relax the muscles of the anus, as this is the area where you are going to insert your finger to reach the prostate gland. Therefore, put on gloves and apply lubricant. Then massage the anus gently with 1 or 2 fingers for at least 5 minutes (breathing gently) to get used to the touch and be relaxed.

Insert your finger inside the anal canal

Now, after your anal muscles are relaxed, you have to gently insert your finger into the anal canal and rectum. As you advance about 2 centimeters, you will find an elongated structure. That’s the prostate gland.

Massage the prostate

Now, massage the prostate gland with gentle movements. Perform prostate stimulation for 10 minutes to 15 minutes. You can also perform Kegel exercises, which consist of rhythmically contracting and relaxing the anal muscles while massaging the prostate gland.

Enjoy the sensation

After a few minutes you will notice that the prostate fluid is released and flows through the penis. This is called prostate milking or prostate milking. You will notice, in the process, that it is very pleasurable.

Prostate Milking Precautions

Although milking the prostate is highly beneficial for the health of your prostate and sexual health, it is also necessary to take some precautions if you suffer from some of the typical disease of this gland. At the end of the day, it’s about doing it for health, pleasure or both, but always taking care of your body as you only have 1. Therefore, take these precautions.

Men with prostatitis

Prostatitis is caused by microbial infection of the prostate gland. If you have had it recently, it is not advisable to stimulate the prostate. If you do, the infection can spread throughout your body. On the other hand, men with acute prostatitis should not perform any stimulation. Men with a history of acute prostatitis, who do not have an active infection, can perform this type of massage.

Men with hemorrhoids

If you try to milk the prostate when you have hemorrhoids, it can irritate the hemorrhoidal veins and lead to bleeding. So, while it’s not a deterrent not to do it, be very careful when inserting your fingers and make sure you choose a good lubricant so that it slides properly and doesn’t irritate the hemorrhoids.

Men with prostate cancer

Milking your prostate is a good way to stimulate the prostate gland and prevent prostate cancer. But, if you are already suffering from prostate cancer, you have to avoid prostate massage.

Men with prostate stones.

Some men suffer from stones or calculi in the prostate gland. If this is your case, you should avoid prostate stimulation, as you may damage the gland.

Perform the prostate massage technique correctly

Although these precautions are aimed primarily at men with prostate problems, a good way to prevent is to follow our advice when performing prostate massage. Otherwise, it can lead to permanent injuries of the prostate gland or rectum.

Prostate stimulators for men

Do you need a little help? In a sex-shop you can buy instruments to help you do the prostate massage. Prostate stimulators are designed with the male anatomy in mind and serve, exclusively, to stimulate the prostate gland safely and effectively. As we already know when the prostate gland is stimulated it produces intense pleasure and very strong orgasms, and using a prostate stimulator will make that pleasure more intense. Our recommendation is to start with the Aneros prostate massager.

The most suitable position for prostate stimulation with this type of device is on your back with your legs bent. There are many types of prostate stimulators on the market, whether they come with electrostimulation or vibration, so take a good look at the details of the product before buying it.

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