How To Find The P-Spot Of Your Partner And Stimulate It And Achieve More Intense Orgasms

What is the P-spot?

Talking about the prostate or in other words, the P-spot, is for many a forbidden subject, when in fact it is a matter that turns out to be very pleasurable for men.

The fact that the P-spot is a mystery for many, is mainly due to the sexual education that we are usually provided, and this essential aspect for a man is hardly mentioned.

But why is the P-spot so important? Basically because it is the gate to superior sexual pleasure.

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Where exactly is the P-spot located?

To stimulate the P-spot you need to know where it is located. Accessed through the anus it can be found in front of the rectum, just at the exit of the urinary bladder.

Only few know it, but the prostate has many nerve endings, so it is possible for a man to experience an orgasm. By putting slight pressure on the nerves around the area, satisfaction is produced. This is caused by the fluids and blood pressure that is concentrated at the end of the urethra.

What is the prostate and how to reach a man’s G-spot?

The best way to know if it is the prostate that you are stimulating, is if you feel a rounded shape when you touch it. It is shaped like a walnut, this will allow you to identify it quickly. Although to reach the point P will require patience and constancy, since all bodies are different making the procedure different.

Eliminate prejudices and unleash your pleasure

Unfortunately, the P-spot is still a taboo today, both for men and women. However, the prostate stimulation practice can intensify orgasms.

It is a completely natural part of the body that can be stimulated, and is enjoyed by both homosexual and heterosexual men, and of course, bisexuals. For this reason it should be known that sexual satisfaction goes beyond the penis. With prostate stimulation you will have a new positive experience, you just need to open your mind, because sexual encounters will be more extensive, fun and more pleasurable than ever.

So there are no excuses! You can leave behind the prejudices that do not allow you to know a little more about your own body. You have the freedom to find your P-spot with your partner.

How to stimulate the P-spot the first time?

Whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to offer the greatest sexual satisfaction to your partner, you will certainly be able to achieve it by stimulating his or her P-spot following these tips:

Hygiene as the first step

Before starting the fun, the first step is to wash your hands thoroughly before touching the prostate area. It is also important to wash and clean the anus, you can help yourself with an anal douche bulb (it will be more pleasant for both of you if you have previously agreed on this moment to prepare yourselves in the best way).

The first touches on the area

Because the prostate area is so sensitive due to the many nerve endings inside, it should be stimulated first from the outside. You can make circular movements around the anus to help your partner relax and enjoy the moment. To help the whole process, you can use a water-based lubricant or a special anal lubricant.

The application of the lubricant

Now it is time to use the anal lubricant so that, when inserting a finger, it is not uncomfortable for the man. Be sure to moisten your fingers well with the gel and keep touching the area carefully, this will keep your partner excited and expectant.

Start touching the P-spot

Introduce a finger little by little, making circular movements or from bottom to top similar to a light massage, touching according to the rhythm that your partner likes. It is important to trust each other so that you communicate.

General recommendation

While you are touching the P-spot, it is recommended to do it with light pressure and slowly to avoid hurting the area. The intensity of the touching or the speed may vary depending on how the man feels. This will get better with practice.

More fun with toys

Fingers are the most handy option for anyone who wants to do this activity, but there is another alternative that could be even more fun: a sex toy. In the market there is a great variety of models and designs to apply specifically on the P-spot.

They can be simple toys with which to make the movements in the prostate guided by hand, others have more functionalities such as vibrating or moving on their own in different directions. It is important to experiment many models to get to know which one you prefer.

To identify which stimulators are ideal for the prostate area, they should have a stopper at the base of the stimulator to avoid unwanted movements or getting stuck. Regarding the size or shape, this will be completely up to you or your partner! If you look for a pro-tip Aneros toys are the best choice.

An alternative to the P-spot: the perineum.

It is a possibility that straight men feel reluctant to look for their P-spot, since everything related to the anus is usually seen in a negative way. However, there is another type of male stimulation that will make time in bed different, entertaining and exciting.

If Prostate sex is not an acceptable alternative, try doing it with the perineum; it is an area that is usually forgotten at the time of intercourse, which is located at the end of the scrotum and the anus. To increase the pleasure you should only caress this area. It would be like doing a light massage and you can apply a little pressure to increase the intensity of the sensations in the couple.

You could concentrate on this practice or do it in conjunction with other sexual activities such as oral or manual sex, it will trigger in your partner a new world of sensations and this will allow him to be even more excited.

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